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Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.
– Bob Marley (via observando)

Rant. just ignore me. Lol

Its easter. Which is supposedly the day jesus was resurrected from death yearssss ago. And you know I really had faith a few years back, I went to church, got baptised, I loved it. But now I feel like my faith is just in humanity. Im having a hard time believing in one god and these “holidays” for him. This was all written in a book that has been rewritten multiple times so I guess im having a hard time believing in it. I believe in life, and living day to day and making everyday a new experience. I believe that something did create this world but I dont know if its a thing or a who. I just dont really care anymore. I have faith in life and making life better for me and the people I love. Im sorry I just don’t know how I feel about someone giving their life on a cross for people years to come. Merp. I just wanted to get some thoughts out. Thats all for now lol